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is a brand development company with a diversified portfolio of consumer brands generating over $700 million in retail sales across every segment of distribution. Galaxy’s branding expertise, retail relationships and strategic partnerships create significant value for its best-in-class partners who design, source and distribute products to retailers around the globe.



Galaxy takes pride in its hands-on approach. We don’t just actively maintain our relationships with the best partners worldwide—we have the experience and industry knowledge to assess potential new partners and growth opportunities. Coupled with innovative and creative advertising and promotion—with an eye towards both the specialty tier and the mass market—we’re elevating the right brands because we work with the right people.


To provide retailers with national brands that offer consumers quality products at superior values. We aim to maintain hands-on relationships with our trusted retailers, manufacturers and licensee partners, and to supplement their innovation with creative advertising and promotions that combine traditional and new media platforms. With an ability to identify the white spaces in the marketplace, we continue to pursue additional acquisitions and growth opportunities.


  • A leading footwear and apparel brand in all things basketball. Everywhere it’s played, on and off the court.

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  • A progressive training and running brand focused on innovation and technology for better athletic performances.

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  • Linens ‘N Things provides fashionable, affordable home goods perfect for everything from a first apartment to a second home.

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  • Nevados hiking brand products are built for durability and comfort. Made for all terrain activity, yet stylish for everyday wear.

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  • In 1993, AND1 set out to change the landscape of basketball … and succeeded. Focusing strictly on basketball, AND1 took an aggressive, in-your-face approach to the design of its products and in the marketing of the brand. Even before the first shoe was laced up, AND1 was selling its now-famous trash talk t-shirts. Iconic footwear and a slew of NBA endorsers soon followed. Today, AND1 is a brand relentlessly committed to freedom of expression and the never-ending quest for greatness on and off the court. We focus on those who will never give up until they reach their goal, whether it’s making the NBA or just the junior varsity. Through the world-traveling AND1 Live Tour, sponsored events and three NBA endorsers—including Pacers star Lance Stephenson—AND1’s reach is at once grassroots and global.

  • Whether you’re running a mile or a marathon, no shoe brand makes it possible like Avia. Since its founding in 1979, Avia has established an unparalleled track record of innovation, with oft-imitated technologies like the Cantilever Heel and Anatomical Cradle revolutionizing shoe design, setting a standard that endures to this day. Avia’s mission is to provide products that make lives better, no matter a person’s fitness goals, and we’re as committed to it today as we were in ’79. We understand that running isn’t like any other sport—it’s a lifestyle, so our blend of fashion and function reflects a style all our own. Value through sheer quality is in our DNA, and our commitment and catering to men and women at all levels of fitness culture—including activewear as fashion—keeps Avia just like its customers: at peak performance.

  • Home goods are part of what makes a new house feel like home. Whether you’re getting comfortable in your first apartment or your second home, Linens ‘N Things offers home goods with sharp, crisp colors and patterns that easily fit into any design aesthetic. Linens ‘N Things prides itself on its commitment to versatile offerings at value-oriented prices. We can provide all the personal touches a home requires, with smart, energetic customer service—in keeping with the aesthetic of the product—making home goods purchases an engaging, gratifying experience.

  • It’s always nice to get away from it all, but that doesn’t mean you should do without some comforts of home. With a dedication to comfort and durability, Nevados outdoor products make sure you see the great outdoors, without feeling them every step of the way. Nevados strives to provide all outdoors lovers a product that’s always ready for the next journey, no matter how far or near it may lead. Being at the forefront of durability and comfort technology is paramount—and the brand retains a devoted fan base for that very reason—but it never comes at the expense of the everyday style and wearability that make Nevados a choice for all seasons and situations.


With backgrounds ranging from fashion to finance, Galaxy’s management team is as diverse as the brands we develop. Our team brings hands-on experience across every segment of retail production, promotion and distribution — because great brands are made long before point of sale.

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